Billing & Costs

You want to know how the billing works, where you can see your bill or change your means of payment?


How does billing work?

If the billing amount exceeds €10, we will promptly debit the amount from your account, depending on your preferred method of payment (direct debit or credit card). If the invoice amount is less than €10, we will debit the amount due once monthly from your account.

How do I change my method of payment?

You can change your method of payment (credit card or direct debit) any time in the app in your user account settings. Alternatively, you can make the desired change in the Login area on our website, as well.

Where can I view my past rides and how much they cost?

After each completed rental, an overview of your trip will be displayed in the app and you will also receive a trip report via e-mail. If you would like to view your trip report again at a later time, simply click on “Past rides” in the app menu. There you will find all information related to your completed trips.


Am I charged anything when I’m not using emmy?

Not at all! You only pay when you actually use our service. The rate per minute is €0.23 for riding and €0.13 for parking. Our automatic ride report via e-mail allows you to always maintain total control of all costs.

How does the cost cap work? Do you offer a daily rate?

If you’re ever unable to part ways with your emmy scooter, we cap the costs at €29 for the day. This means that you can book a scooter for longer than 2 hours and 6 minutes (this is the magical limit) and the rental price of €29 stays the same. If at any point the battery runs out, you can switch over to any available scooter within our designated area of operation. However, if you’re traveling outside of our area of operation, you need to ensure that the scooter has enough battery power to make it back to our designated area of operation.  

Also, please note that we define a day as the hours between 00:00 – 23:59 – i.e. a new day begins at midnight and the billing period resets.

Prepaid Packages

What are the prepaid packages?

You can load your account with a prepaid package and, in doing so, reduce the cost of your ride. To purchase a prepaid package, click “Buy prepaid package” in the app menu, select either the 200- or 500-minute package and ride for the equivalent of €0.21/min or €0.19/min.

How do I get a prepaid package?

In the app menu, click “Buy prepaid package” and select one of the available prepaid packages. Confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now”. Alternatively, you can load the prepaid packages to your account in the login area of our website.

Do the prepaid packages expire?

No. The prepaid minutes do not expire.


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